EP36: The Bridge Email - Part 2

Wow, would you believe it, we’ve been doing this podcast for 9 months already?

I want to thank each one of you, so much, for coming back week in and week out.

I strive to do my best to bring you NEW and interesting material that will keep you working hard at your craft.

Each week it seems like I’m climbing another mountain, and beyond this one is another one even taller.

It’s daunting and good at the same time.

Each week I sit down and let the topic come to me.

But, for the last few weeks, I’ll pick a topic early in the week, usually right after finishing the podcast recording.

And then, consistently [just before starting to work on it] I’ll change it up.

And I think it happens this way because I have been going over sooooo much information in the last few weeks.

I’m going through the “Art of Email” workshop, I completed an Origin Story course by Nick Warren, and I’m constantly refining my website.

I have so much going through my mind at one time, that I think my subconscious is in overdrive.

So for today's podcast, we are going to be talking about the Bridge email.


You might be saying, “But we already discussed the Bridge Email before”. And you would be correct.

The last time I talked about the Bridge email was during Episode 13. Nearly 23 weeks ago.

You can check out EP13 HERE. (after going through this one)

I think it is a topic on my mind right now, is because it is a BIG deal in the Art of Email.

I’m looking at the text of episode 13 and it had over 2000 words and ended up being about 15 minutes long.

I don’t have nearly that long this time.

So I am going to be concentrating on what has simply blown me away this last week or so and I hope you appreciate it even more too.

Let’s get started.

The Bridge Email serves 2 purposes.

First, the bridge email transitions naturally and organically from relationship-building to selling.

We don’t just ‘switch gears’ and start selling.

Here we get to bring together the lessons our emails have taught our readers throughout their journey, and then we point those ideas towards an offer that, for them, is the logical next step in the world we have exposed them to.

Second, we ask for explicit permission to reveal the offer before there’s an opportunity to buy (or to click through to another similar action, like signing up for a consultation call where an offer is made).

The Bridge email warms up the reader and asks the reader to raise their hand, allowing them to receive the promotional emails.

I know that for the majority of marketers out there, this may seem like an unnecessary amount of friction.

However, since this is how I do business, it would not be right for me to teach you otherwise.

Another important thing to mention too.

There are two different Bridge emails. This was NOT covered 23 weeks ago in the 13th Episode. You are getting New and Refined training today.

There is a "Hard” Bridge and a “Soft” Bridge.

The “Hard” Bridge is when we MUST have the prospect or customer raise their hand to receive “more product specific information” because we need to know whether they want to receive promotional emails regarding a product they may or may not be interested in.

But, the “Soft” Bridge is entirely different. Yes, it is still bridging a gap between information-based email and promotional email, however, the reader has already raised their hand asking for information about a paid product already.

So we’re NOT going to stop and ask them to raise their hand again. I hope that makes sense.

So as a reminder, the Bridge Email is normally placed between a Relationship email series and a Promotional email series. The issue of whether it is a Hard or Soft Bridge, is determined by the readers' interest already established.

However, one more thing ...

There are times when a Bridge is in a stand-alone email (also known as a solo bridge), such as a Newsletter. Usually, this would be a long email providing value already for everyone. But there would be a section that mentions a product or course, or whether someone would want to know about a proposed product or course. In that section there would be a link for anyone interested to click, raising their hand. Only those clicking the LINK would receive that information (usually in a form of an email series). All others would receive nothing, except the next newsletter.

I understand that gurus and other marketers believe we are giving up an opportunity to make a sale. For them, we are a little bit crazy. You may be shaking your head as well. I understand. I also thought the same before.

But I disagree entirely. I was converted! For the better!

We at Mkt2online are optimizing our business to serve “Happy Customers”. As mentioned before on this podcast, statistically only 15% of people purchase within the first 90 days of being on a list. And 85% purchase after 90 or more days.

So, since we are playing the long game, we would rather wait for the reader to be ready to purchase when they are sure the product, course, or information, is right for them, and only when they raise their hand.

This eliminates all the junk we find in usual email inboxes from 90% or more of all marketers.

I know I personally get over 200+ emails a day. I cannot remember the last time ANYONE ever asked me to raise my hand, showing interest?

Of course, we all receive emails from affiliates, promoting something and it has a link for clicking too, but the majority of those are strictly spam in the first place.

You know, a friend of a friend shares his list, for a percentage, but forgot to get your permission first.

I don’t do that either. And besides, it’s against the LAW.

Our readers come to find that we care for them, their time, and we live up to our word, showing that we are truly different and that they can trust us to not abuse them.

So the bridge email can be used often in your email marketing. It helps you serve your customers, whether by sending promotional information or withholding it.

Used properly, and often, your list of readers will grow to know, like, and even better, trust you and your emails.

You will see your open rates increase, and hopefully an increase in interactions as well.

I hope you have a better understanding of the Bridge email now.

So start using them in your marketing efforts to serve your subscribers and customers to the best of your ability.

I’m going to call it.

Until next week, keep safe and keep coming back each week.

Take care and be well.

James Brown Image

James "Bridging the Gap" Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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