Struggling with Marketing Online?

Right now, in December 2021, many people are still struggling just to put food on the table, and have a covering over their heads.

Gas prices are forever going up and down [mostly up], and food prices make you wish it was 2019 again.

... these last few years have definitely been a struggle to get through.


What you are going to learn in the next few minutes just might make all the difference in how you market online going forward.

I endured a LOT of anguish in my path to learn how to PROPERLY market online.

I do not want you to suffer the same fate!

The research I did while struggling taught me that I could not do this all by myself.

I needed help!

... and it was not until I finally let go of my pride (which was REALLY hard to do) and reached out for help, did I turn the corner to a new day, and began learning how to be successful online.

Did it happen overnight, like the Gurus would have us believe?

It did not! Because we live in a REAL world, not make-believe!

Sadly ... many people who are just now starting to learn marketing are struggling and quite frankly don't know where to look for the answers that they need.

It is NOT their fault!

If this describes YOU, then it's NOT your FAULT either!!

In the United States where we still have many freedoms...

... where we have the opportunity to make our dreams come true

... where we can still voice our thoughts and opinions

... STILL, many who are wanting to set up a Home Based Business Online are failing to make any significant money, IF they ever make any money at all.

It is too bad...

Because with the economic situation as it is ... this is the PERFECT  time to be online.

Each week, Google shows us that millions of people are searching for a way to make their income online, these people need answers to their questions.

Are you in either of these categories?

  • You have been struggling to get this "Online Thing" working?
  • You are just starting out in Online Marketing and do not want to go broke in the process!
  • You're a Baby Boomer and retirement is just around the corner, but you're REALLY short of money! You need to get something going, like yesterday!

Just like many of you, I spent hour after hour searching the internet to find the "SECRET" to making money online.

I spent hours staring at a computer screen, struggling to find out "How to become an effective marketer".

I was wanting to just get online, create a product, or become an affiliate, and start making $$$ immediately. The answers had to be out there because everything that is posted online has to be the "TRUTH" right?  

(Well, What Do You Think?)

I mean ... that is what the GURUs were telling me.  If I would just buy this product or that product, it would deliver bucket loads of cash to my bank account! (They even have pictures to prove it) 🙁

But sadly, after multiple online Product & Course purchases ... it became quite apparent to me that there was something wrong.

So I decided it had to be me!

I knew I needed to learn something, so I started buying more courses. Small ones at first. Then on to bigger ones. I started doing everything I could to make just 1 dollar online.

Just 1 dollar would tell me "That I had figured it out" and then I could duplicate my efforts.

I could not make EVEN one lousy dollar online!

... how about you?

I struggled and struggled.  

Then I quit ...


I quit for two years straight. I did nothing at all.

To be perfectly honest, I was embarrassed!

I figured I would be a "worker" all my life, depending on "THE MAN" to pay my bills. Having to answer to someone young enough to be my own kid.

But that frustrated me to no end, so eventually, I came back to marketing with the next up-and-coming shiny "Great White Hope" of a product launch that they told me would solve all my problems. AGAIN!

WHEW !!!!!

Does any of this make sense?

Do you recognize any of your own struggles?  

Be honest!

We don't know each other, but I do feel like we have a lot in common.

It did not take many more struggles to know that I just needed to "STOP" what I was doing.

I needed to get back to ...


There comes a time in life when we ALL just need to understand that ...

"We Just Don't Know What We Don't Know".

We cannot fix a problem until it is exposed. And ... learning the same things over and over will never uncover the missing pieces that are causing all our problems.

There is something YOU DON'T KNOW that has left your online marketing exactly where it is right now.

Maybe you've been asking yourself questions.

Questions like ...

* Why Can't I Succeed?

* What Am I Missing?

* What Do I Need to Do to Transform My Failures Into Successes?

* What Is Wrong With Me?

Be assured that these are NOT the only questions, but they were MY questions. They were the ones I desperately wanted answers to.

You most assuredly have YOUR OWN questions.

I did!

It is my intention to:

  • Answer YOUR questions
  • Help YOU understand why you are struggling
  • Help YOU identify the problem('s)
  • Help YOU overcome those issues
  • Help YOU succeed
  • Help YOU learn how to share your new found knowledge with others
  • Help YOU live the life of your dreams


While I would love to say that everything I will Share With You ... came from me ... but the honest truth is this.

YOU WILL be learning the "TRUTH", and that does NOT originate with me.

In "TRUTH" marketing online is simple in the most basic concepts:

  • Find a Niche
  • Find a Problem
  • Share a Solution to that Problem
  • Create a List
  • Share your Highly sought Products, including solutions to REAL problems, people are willing to purchase!
  • Make Money
  • Rinse and Repeat!

The "REALITY" is this ...

There are a LOT of moving parts in each of those basic concepts, such as:

  • Creating a Product
  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Creating an Autoresponder Email series
  • How to find a Niche that is not too small ... not too big ... but just right for you
  • Where do you find your customers?
  • How do you Reach your Niche of Customers
  • How do you advertise to them?
  • What is the difference between an Autoresponder and a Broadcast email?
  • How do I segment a list of subscribers?
  • How do I segment Buyers (customers) from Subscribers?
  • What Merchant account do I need to sell products?

Those are only a small glimpse of things you need to understand to be an effective marketer online.

What I will be SHARING with you ... will get YOU where YOU want to go.

It will help you create the REALITY that before ... was only in your DREAMS.

YOU "MUST" decide to learn and apply the information and begin the process of making the NEEDED changes ...

And of course ... these changes will not be made overnight.  That was just a part of the LIES the GURUs were telling you and me to get butt loads of cash from us.

Let's be Honest ... It will take time ... and for some of you that time will be short, and for others, it will be a bit longer. We ALL learn at our own pace. And that is a good thing!

But no matter what, the efforts will pay off in knowledge gained, confidence in yourself, that "AH-HA" factor, and YES financially as well.

In order for YOU to become effective marketers (of whatever product you want to sell, or business you want to promote), you must learn or re-Learn the BASICS ... and begin applying this information first.

Only then ... will you begin learning each piece of the process that is required to become effective.

We MUST learn these basic principles.

It is NOT optional.

If you want to bake a cake, can you just decide to leave out the flour?

Of course not!

Once you have learned enough to effectively market online, generate leads, and convert those leads into sales (if that is your intent), then you will begin to understand and learn even more detailed and specialized techniques.

And hopefully ... through your learning process ... you will teach me something new too!




If you are tired of the struggle, make the decision to learn the proper way to market online.

I don't really expect you to make that decision right now!

That would be silly and premature.

But at some point ... you will need to make a decision.

I really do want to help!  But I can only do so much without information about YOU!

I have a FORM (below) that you can fill out that will allow you to tell me a bit about you, your struggles, your successes, and your vision for the future.

Fill it out now and allow me to know you. Let us connect and do our best to make you become the best marketer that you can be.

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Thanks for visiting.

James "Working for You" Brown

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