EP34: Next Steps

Ok, so you know what your customers want. And you’re ready to get it to them.

But what do you do?


How do you get from what is in your head, to what is in their hands or in their inbox for digital products?

What are the practical steps you will want to do, to achieve your goals?


Let’s break it down.

You need to let them know there is something new, something that you created that solves one of their problems.

If you already have a list of people that are already reading your emails or newsletters, great!

More than great, it is perfect!

During your nurture emails or regularly scheduled newsletter, you would want to mention the problem your product solves.

Whatever you do, don’t just start being one of those OTHER marketers we all have to deal with when they just send us emails out of the blue for a product we did not ask about, or even care for.

Hell... we might not even know how they got in our inbox in the first place!


During those emails, work your way into the subject. You brought up the problem already, so you need to find out if this is even a problem they identify with.

Let them know that you have a solution and if they were interested in it they should raise their hands [click a link] so they can get tagged and sent your promotional emails.

Remind them that you care for their time and don’t want to waste theirs, talking about a solution to a problem they don’t have or care to hear about.

This will go a long way to helping them appreciate you as someone that truly cares for them. And one day, soon we hope, they will come across something else that does tick all their boxes and they raise their hand to know more.

You showed them that you respect them, in turn, they respect you too.

That is how you treat your tribe, subscribers, email friends, customers. You develop a relationship with them. Get them to want to hear from you, because you ALWAYS have something INTERESTING to say, or beneficial for them.

Those promotional emails, usually anywhere from 3-5 would give them more than enough information they would need to make a decision. It would reach deep into their emotions and draw them close to you as you tell them a story they really want to hear.

You would not hold back.

Your goals are to be useful and you want to deliver products that work well with your audience.

By the time you have made it to the final email and have delivered the call to action, they are already ready to purchase. They have a need and your product just makes sense.

Because you already had them in a list of prospects or previous customers, you already know they are better than a warm audience. You’re expecting even more than 20-30% of those that raised their hands to purchase.

But wait for a second…

So, you're telling me you don’t have any list or very few at all?

What do you do now?

Well, all is not lost!

This is where Facebook Ads are there to save the day.

Remember, you already researched your niche and you have a great product that you know is going to help a lot of people.

You’re going to want to create a great Ad that draws in [attracts] the right customer, while at the same time it MUST push [repel] away everyone else.

Seriously, you’re spending money on this Ad. You want to make sure it delivers just as well as your product is going to deliver to your customer.

And ... you don't just want everyone clicking on the link. You're paying for clicks, so, make them count.

This Facebook Ad absolutely has to be a long-page, well-crafted ad.

We’re talking about 600-800 words. Not just any words either.

Your first two sentences must attract and repel the people you do and those you do not want.

Treat it like a headline. Now, in this busy time of our lives, we only have a few seconds to stop people in their tracks.

Here you are, Facebook placed you in their feed, and they are strolling through looking to be entertained. They did not log in to be sold to.


Your job is to sell to them anyway. You have 5-7 seconds, maybe. Your first few words MUST STOP THEM COLD!

What are you going to say that does that?

It has to be bold.

It must shock them.

It must be a pattern interrupt.

If you cannot get them to click on [read more], then you’re done.

This is the game.

This is why marketing online is hard.

It requires YOU to know what your customer is thinking. You MUST know what they want to hear. You HAVE to KNOW what they need.

If you know what is on their mind because it is a real problem they are having to live with every day, but wish they could be over it, then you need to say something, anything, that makes them remember the PAIN.

Honestly, that is your first goal.

Get the CLICK.

They have to [read more].

Ok, so they are reading, now what’s next?

Very similar to any relationship-building email, you want to tell them a story. Make them feel the pain. But they need to know you understand their pain, and that you understand them too.

You don’t have a lot of time in those 600-800 words. In normal conversation, that might be 6 to 8 minutes. In that time, you must draw them to you. Help them know you understand them and that you care.

Open up a loop…

Let them know you had the same problem (if you did), and you had to work hard to overcome it (if you did), and then let them know you want to tell them more, but first, they need to click HERE to get more info.

You're not trying to be GURUish at all. You have a product that helps people, and YOU DO care for them. Let them know that. In the limited time, you have, inform them, and compel them to WANT to KNOW MORE!

Facebook is NOT your sales page. It is just a gateway to your sales medium of choice.

When your reader clicks on your CALL to ACTION, it will take them to a landing page.

There you will provide more information, and answer anything you promised you would answer in the Ad. You need to continue drawing them towards you and your solution.

[Because they are there, they are warmer than they were before. You may want to have a Facebook Pixel on the landing page for tracking and analytics. Just saying ... you'll thank me later!]

Your landing page will end with an opt-in form that will take them to your promotional emails.

Before I forget, definitely do something cool with your "Thank You" page that they receive informing them that they should check their email for the First Email in the promotional series. Don't just say "Thanks, now go to your email for more info" - Boring!

Sure you want them to know to check their email, of course, but you have their attention, right here and right now. Do something GREAT with that time.

By the way, those promotional emails are going to be the same ones you would have used with your email list if you had one? [See how much effort you could have saved, with a LIST?] Sure you may tweak them a bit to keep up with the dialog you have already had on the FB ad and landing page. It should FEEL like your just continuing a conversation already taking place. As it should.

There you go!

No matter which course you take…

Whether you are marketing to your already established list or using Facebook Ads, your goal is the same, to sell your product and provide a well-deserved solution to your customer.

That’s ALL I have for you today.

Until next week, keep safe, stay healthy, and keep coming back each week.

If you think you know of some improvements that could be made, let me know. Click on the link here.

Keep coming back for more great content next week.

Take care and be well.

James Brown Image

James Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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