EP33: Information Overload

Thanks again for joining me today.

We must admit, we are living in exciting times.

We have at our grasp more information today than anyone could have imagined possible when I was growing up in the 60’s, 70’s, and the 80’s.

I keep giving away my age!

And I do that to show you, that no matter how old you are, or how young you are, age is not a factor. Marketing online is for everyone, young and old.

Now back to the subject of information.

In particular vast amounts of information.

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of California-San Diego, it is believed that people every day are inundated with the equivalent amount of 34 Gb of information. Enough to overload a laptop in a week.

That study was conducted a few years ago as well, so we know that means we now are exposed to much more information today.

People receive every day about over 105,000 words or 23 words per second during a 12 hour period. All being delivered via email, TV, radio, newspapers, books, social media, etc.

Even though people cannot read all that information each day, our sophisticated brains do receive it from our eyes and ears.

So, you may be wondering, how much information can our brains hold?

And, will it ever get full?

Interestingly, we have close to 1 billion neurons in our brain, with each neuron forming connections with other neurons, being capable of holding many memories at a time.

It is estimated that our brain's storage capacity is around 2.5 petabytes. And for the geeks out there.

There are 1024 terabytes in each petabyte.

Therefore we appear to be able to hold approximately 2,560 terabytes.

In the last 3 years alone I’ve managed to fill up almost 6 terabytes on my computer. That’s approximately 2 terabytes each year.

At that rate, it would take about 1,280 years to fill up the equivalent of a normal brain. At least at my rate.

But at the rate of 34 Gb per day, it only takes 30 days to equal 1 terabyte, and that means it would take nearly 213.3 years to do the same thing.

And I thought I saved too much data!

Our world is delivering to our brains more than 6 times the data. And we will still not outlive it.


I feel better.

Don’t you?


All this information is still overwhelming our lives. In business alone, we can easily become overwhelmed as well.

Trying to learn things on our own, since we can, because we do have access to a LOT of information, still, it can overwhelm us too.

Which is the REAL reason so many people fail online. Not so much because of the difficulty.

Instead, it is because of the enormous amount of knowledge needed to be good at marketing online. With a finite amount of time, each day, and most marketers start while still working a full-time job, it quickly becomes too much.

That, coupled with how people obtain that knowledge.

Most people do NOT know what they DO NOT know.

Simply, they are just doing the best they can with the resources available to them.

If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, for example, and no one was able to tell you what you needed to learn, in what order, and for how long, do you think you would know what information you would need to study to become an expert, and trusted surgeon?

Would you hire YOU to operate on YOUR BRAIN?


The same goes for online marketing or running any business via the internet.

What knowledge do you have, where did you get it, and is it what you NEED to become the online expert in your field of business.

With all the information overload and shiny objects out there, are you sure you have ALL the best knowledge to operate your business from?

And if you’re brand spanking new, and I hope you are, wouldn’t it be better to start your career out with the best online information available today?

To be honest, what is the alternative?

Would you rather be like a lot of others, piecing together information here and there? Never knowing if it is outdated or even true! Not knowing if there is still more to learn! Not knowing if you can be successful!

I know how that feels.

Maybe you do too.

However, you don’t have to.

The entire purpose of this podcast is to help others succeed.

I don’t want you or anyone else to struggle any longer than you need to.

Success can be yours for the taking, but it takes hard work, coupled with the correct knowledge.

Nothing any one of you could not do, if you wanted to.

It just takes time, patience, knowledge, and practice.

Learn a little, build something practical, test it, analyze your results, tweak it, and do it again.

Tweak yourself to success.

Sounds like an Online Course.

Not mine, but maybe one day.

However, I can help you get started on the right path.

Why not take a chance.

Why not, you’re already taking chances?

If you’re not happy with your business, connect with me.

If you’re ready to gamble on yourself for a chance, connect with me.

If you’re tired of watching your employer make all the profits, while you're still struggling to pay the bills, connect with me.

Click on the link HERE and “Talk to Me”. There you will find a discrete form. Fill it out and let’s connect.

Marketing is hard, but not impossible.

Until next week, keep safe, stay healthy, and keep coming back each week.

If you think you know of some improvements that could be made, let me know. Click on the link here.

Keep coming back for more great content next week.

Take care and be well.

James Brown Image

James Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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