What Not to Do When Marketing Online in 2021

Hey guys, I was talking with a friend on mine about his Online Etsy business the other day. He makes the coolest Hand Crafted items I have seen in a long time. His ETSY store is SnappinStudio.

In our discussions we concurred that Marketing a Business Online can be tough. Today people have even shorter attention spans. If you don't capture a persons attention within a few seconds, they are gone looking for something that will.

Just take email for instance. I'm sure you're not like me with well over 200-300 emails coming in every day. But if you were, how wold you handle that amount of volume?

WELL .... I know what I do!

And I'm pretty sure most people are doing the same thing.

I'm scanning down the list for a name I recognize. Then I'm looking for a subject line that appears to be talking to me. Of course the ones about bills, purchases and the like are kept, but most everything else gets deleted.

It's what I have to do to keep from going crazy.

Know what I mean?

Anyway, my buddy and I were talking about advertising. The subject came up, and he was wondering what I thought would be the best way for him to increase sales on his ETSY Site.

We discussed a few standard things he could do to increase traffic to his store. There was Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. All standards in the industry.

However I was completely Floored when he told me what he was NOT doing. I had asked him about his email strategy, since he has owned the business for well over 5 years after purchasing it from the original owner. He has had a lot of sales over the years and has exceeded $200,000 in sales in some of those years. So he should have had a HUGE list amassed by now.

He told me that he WAS NOT emailing his customers. He said he didn't even have a database of customers to use, even if he wanted to email them.

As it turns out, ETSY does not provide a list of customers. There is nowhere for him to download his customer contact information. Yes, ETSY does provide the name and email when they send the email announcing the sale, But there is nowhere to get it otherwise.

This is Crazy. You have a business for over 5 years and you cannot download your list of Customer Emails.

Most everyone knows that you absolutely MUST have your own email list, so you can continuing to educate your customers, and subscribers. How else are they ever going to get to Know, Like, and Trust you?

This is not one of those things you can wait around to do. I learned a longgggg time ago that unless you have a list, you really were not in business. If your an affiliate and only send people to a link in the hopes of a sale, without being able to capture their email address, your doing it wrong. To survive in the business of online marketing you need a list.

I use CONVERTKIT. Currently I am not an affiliate right now. I'm just started my NEW Account with them. So if you are interested in learning more about CONVERTKIT, you can by Clicking HERE!

So back to the Story .....

As you could imagine, as soon as I heard that my buddy was not marketing to his existing loyal and many times multiple purchase customers, I was flabbergasted.

I went to Google and found a site where they show you how to EXTRACT email addresses from etsy sales data. If for some reason you also Sell on ETSY and have found getting your email addresses also, here is a site you need to check out. They make the process quick and easy. They are HERE!

They take you through the process of extracting YOUR Customer Emails. I hope this helps you as well.

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So my question for you is simple.

  • What are you doing to Market Online your Business?
  • What have you found to be moving the needle for your business?
  • What have you found you are struggling at?

We all have to market our business in some form or fashion. There is no getting around it. Marketing Online can be very lucrative if you learn to do it correctly.

Leave a comment or go to my LEARN MORE page to "Learn More" Huh! Anyway,, thanks for taking the time to drop in and visit. Hope to see you back real soon.

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