If you knew you absolutely could not fail, what would you be doing?

For me, helping Everday People everywhere Start, Run, and Grow a Profitable Online Business is as satisfying as anything else I could be doing today! What about you?
Together there is NOTHING we cannot do!
James [not a guru] Brown

My Origin Story

Everything was going along as planned, until my world crashed!

I had been asleep for quite a while…

…when all of a sudden I was shaken awake.

The year was 2007.

It was late October and I had been sleeping a long, long time.

I was a successful Truss Designer, earning a fairly good wage, living the life of my dreams…

…until I wasn’t.

But before I tell you what happened, let’s see how it all started.

In 1993 I had left the military to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

What I soon found out, is this.

Just because you have a dream, and you want to be successful, does not entitle you to success.

I had a desire, but I knew nothing about how to conduct business.

I failed.

In 1994 I started training to be a Truss Designer. Learning how to design floor and roof structures for commercial business and residential homes.

As it turns out, I was good at it.

Very good at it.

Until 2007 – the Awakening!

I let my strengths blind me to the times we were living in.

I believed that I was too good, or too important to be fired or laid off. [there is a lesson there for us all!]

I knew things had changed in real estate. Some people & businesses were struggling due to it, but I did not see how it could affect me - personally.

Until I was laid off!

Within a year, that company was out of business as well.

January 2008, I found a job.

I was earning less than 60% of my previous income. I was frustrated and humbled, but fortunate to have it.

I put my head down and just worked hard.

During that time, I started learning about online marketing. It was exciting and scary at the same time.

I found a mentor that could help me sort out the GOOD from the BAD.

Through my mentor, I was able to sort through the madness and put the pieces together.

I learned it takes hard work, a new way of thinking, intense training, and the application of known principles to become good at marketing.

It took me a long time to become good at being a Truss Designer.
To be just as good at internet marketing takes no less effort.

Anyone that says anything different, are LIAR’s.

Plain and simple.

Today, thanks to my hard work, my mentor, and not giving up, I am proud to call myself an online marketer.

Now, I’m working on my next phase.

I have two websites online. One for marketing [mkt2online.com] and one for training [mkt4creators.com].

My goal has always been to train up the next generation of marketers.

Recently I started a training Podcast to help first-time marketers succeed, teaching those “Truths” I wish were available when I started.

I have felt their pain. 

Along with those stuck in a dead-end, deadbeat job, and even those struggling to survive our new economy, or those forced to continue working because they cannot afford to retire.

Those are my people.

And helping them succeed is my mission.
How well is your Online Marketing representing your business? 
The 80-20 Rule

THE 80/20 RULE

Does 20 Percent of Your activities account for 80 Percent of Your Results?

Here You will learn to do just that!
You Are the Only Solution


Whether You like it or not, Your Business depends on You. Not your employees or anyone else. You are the solution to all your problems. Let us show you how to make it true.
Do You Walk Around Like Everything is Fine


Are You a Pretender? Are You walking around Your Business like everything is Fine, but deep inside you know there is something terribly wrong. We can help you sort it out.
Digital Marketing


We live in a Digital World, You and I. To survive in it, we ... You, Me, and everyone else must learn how to market like our lives depend on it.
Email Marketing


If Email is Dead, then why is everyone asking for Your Email Address? They don't ask to Call You ... Right? That is because Email is Alive and kicking Butt.
Workflow Strategy


If your marketing is not working so well, do you know how to sort it out and identify the problem(s)? Emails, Ads, Content, Promotions, they all must be monitored. Are you doing that?
Sometimes the best thing to do is to take that First Step Forward
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