EP12: Relationship Emails

In last week’s episode, we talked a lot about the Welcome email. That was episode two of the "Email" series.

If you have not listened to that episode, or even the first episode “email basics 101” you should stop listening to this episode and listen to the missing ones first.

You must have a good understanding of the subject thus far, so as it becomes more complicated you won't still be struggling with the earlier information.

And it is going to get complicated.

That is why I broke it up into manageable episodes.

Let’s get busy.

We should all, by now, know that communicating with your people is important.

But more importantly, is how you communicate.

If a single word said at the wrong time or in the wrong way can cause a rift in a marriage or between significant others, the same is true with relationship-building emails.

So, what kind of relationship are you trying to nurture?

I guess it depends on what business you are in, what product or service you sell, and how you intend to help your people.

Truthfully I cannot tell you exactly how to write these as easily as the welcome email, but I can give you some guiding principles that will allow you to develop your true voice.

So, let’s get started talking about “Relationship Emails”.

So, while that is top of mind, if YOU know you have some questions about email in particular, please go to the link in the show notes so you can send me that question. I will answer questions in the following podcast just prior to teaching new information.

Go HERE to ask a Question for the Podcast.

Upcoming episodes will cover the following content.

Next week on Episode 13, we will entertain and dive deep into “The Bridge Email”.

Episode 14 will be about “Promotional Emails.”


Let’s dive in. The Podcast Episode is at the Top of the Page.

Go HERE to ask a question. Whether you are having a problem, or are just curious, I encourage you to reach out and ask me anything. If I don't know the answer, I'll research it for you, and report back what I find out. Thank you in advance.

Contact me HERE!

Thanks for being here.

James Brown

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