EP93: Avatar 2

As I am recording this podcast [transcribed here] for release on Monday, it dawned on me that the Avatar 2 movie that was released Friday can be used to make a point.

I did go to see it with a special friend.

Though I do know that the movie is different from the original, it still has similar elements that take us back to the original.

Avatar 2 - The Way of the Water - 2022

From the previews…

They remind us of the problems the inhabitants of Pandora had with the greedy commercial earthlings and the military that tried to harvest precious unobtanium minerals and displace the Na’vi.

In movies, just like your own writing, whether on website pages and/or email series, we need to keep a consistent theme that our readers can follow.

Avatar 2 reminds us, according to the mind of James Cameron, that the invaders (the earthlings) are bad.

I want to avoid saying anything that would spoil your experience watching the movie, except to tell you that this movie, for me, was even better than the first one.


That is saying a lot because the first Avatar movie changed our understanding of how movies could be made.

It was revolutionary.

Nothing has changed…

James Cameron did it again.

Avatar 2 - the way of the water - continues his saga.

Let me tie this into our writing.

This IS why we’re here, Right?

When we decided to embark on the occupation of helping others, we also, without knowing it, embarked on the mission to tell stories.

As humans, we tell stories.

Some are better than others, right?

But we ALL are listeners and readers of stories.

They have guided us as a species. They have trained and warned us since time began.


Many times we seem to believe that we cannot effectively tell stories that matter to those we are trying to help and guide.

But is that true?

I believe it is not.

Why can I feel confident to say that?

It is because we ALL, including you and I, grew up telling stories each day.

When as a child we would come home from school, our mother or father would ask about our day, and what we learned.

That was our opportunity to tell a story.

And as an adult, we too tell stories at work, at home, in Church, and at play.

Most times we don't even know we're doing it.

But we are.

This is because it comes so naturally to us, whereas the telling of stories in our business seems more difficult. Right?

Why is that?

For many of us… [I am including myself as well. You can include you if it feels right]

We may feel as if we're not good enough.

Or, that we don't have anything worth telling…

Or, we may feel as if no one cares about what we know or would ever want to hear (or read) what we have to say.

Let me stop right there for a second and just say, “that is wrong”.

You are interesting.
You are worth listening to.
You are more than you could ever imagine.
Your ideas are powerful.
Your thoughts matter.
Your voice can change people.
Your ideas can evoke change.
Your words are meant to guide, influence, and embrace others.

Marketing in all the forms imaginable should be used to take individuals from where they presently are, and safely and securely guide them to the place they want to be.

And if done right…

You can take them to a place they could never imagine possible.

All by telling stories that matter.


What is the point of this message to all of you?

First, let me tell you a story.

As I look around…

I see people with problems everywhere.

We all have problems.

We ALL seek resolution.

As a people, we are constantly evolving, and seeking to better our lives, our businesses, our families, and our spirituality, and become content.


Many times we become confused.

We think we need to have all the answers.

As a member of the human race…

You alone…

One of over 8 billion people…

You alone…

Are worth more than you can imagine.

Even in your broken state; you are worthy.

The best and most followed leaders of our generation are still just people too.

They too suffer the same issues you may be suffering as well.

They seek help from others who are experts in the knowledge they seek to understand.

They embrace change.

They take the help they receive from others and use it to transform their lives, their business, and their families, and then to help others as well.

So my message to you…

To you the entrepreneur…

To you the marketer…

To you the person…

Begin to believe in yourself.

Begin to understand, that all the pain you have suffered is not in vain.

That the things you have struggled with and overcome are just step-stones on your journey of achievement.

In the movie Avatar and now Avatar 2, the takeaway for me is that even though we do suffer from time to time, we need not be overcome by it.

James Cameron has, through his imagination, taken us on a journey.

One that millions of others have enjoyed watching.

He has woven into that story, pain and suffering, and also rebirth and happiness.

He uses the things we know all too well, to help us feel the pain of others and the joy of happiness.

He did not create anything new.

He just told a story that made sense to us.

My question for you is simple.

What have you suffered from that you can help others avoid or correct?

What did you learn to better yourself, that if you shared it could help others do likewise?

What is keeping you from stepping up and showing the people you want to help, that your words are valuable?

That your stories can evoke change?

Do your stories have to be epic battles and love-torn stories?


They can be as simple as you need them to be.

But the only way you can use your talents to help others, you MUST first capture the interest of others.

In the Bible, the words “Jesus wept”, two simple words, evoke emotion and make us ask “WHY?”.

This is the purpose of stories.

They take people on a journey.

They share known and unknown facts.

They embrace the reader or listener in such a way that they are compelled to keep listening and reading.

They have been pulled along.

They are NOT pushed or coerced. That is the way Evil Gurus try to just make a sale at all costs.

Yes, all those in business must make sales to continue being in business, but how you do that makes all the difference in the world.

For me, and many of you too, the sale happens naturally, after you have created happy customers.

Yes, happy CUSTOMERS.

Before money has ever changed hands, you have an opportunity to change the thoughts and intentions of others.

Before money has ever changed hands, you can take a cold lead (yup, they're people too) and start to warm them up with your words. Sharing your understanding of their situation and your struggles, make them nod as they read and listen to your voice of reason.

This is a superpower.

One we ALL have.


I want to encourage you to believe in yourself.

To embrace the idea that you matter.

To embrace the idea that your WORDS matter.

Read books on the art of storytelling.

Listen to others tell stories.

Read newsletters and articles that evoke emotion in you, then stop and ask yourself…

“How did they do that?”

Learn from others, then share your own stories.

Over time you will find that you will become more comfortable doing this.

In the end…

This is my hope for you.

As this year slips away from us…

My wish for each one of you is that you begin developing your storytelling voice and share it with others.

That's it my friends.

This ends yet another podcast.

Come back next week for another episode, created with you in mind.

Bye for now.

James Brown

James "The Way of Writing" Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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