There are numerous reasons why individuals may or may not wish to subscribe to email newsletters.

I get a lot of emails every day.

So, I completely understand why you may decide NOT to subscribe.

We are ALL BUSY people.

And I’m confident you have much better things to consume your time.

None of us can EVER get back wasted time.


Let me take a moment to ENCOURAGE you to sign up.

First of all, I don’t incentivize sign-ups with “Lame” pdf downloads.

Why not?

Because all that does is encourage people to use throw-away emails, just to get a low-quality PDF document or some other product.

I am not looking to see how many new sign-ups I can get.

Not at all.

I want people that REALLY want to start learning, continue learning, or to re-learn how to market online. I want YOU to be successful. I want you to feel as if you are FINALLY, on the right track, and in the right place.

To be honest.

Marketing online is HARD…

But with the right education, training, and hard work, HARD can be a thing of the past.

We all deserve to live life to the best of our abilities.

That starts the moment you sign-up to receive these emails.

They will encourage you to be a better marketer…

They will discourage the wrong way to market online…

They will be the oh-so-soft and gentle light, flickering, amidst dense darkness.

You will find no fluff…

No Spamming…

No Coercion…

The “Truth”

The Whole "Truth"

And Nothing But the "Truth"

[So Help Me God!]

If this makes sense to you...

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I can't wait to see your potential unleashed.