EP55: Creativity on Tap!


Where is it?

What is it?

Where does it go?

For a long time, I would simply stare out into nothingness and wonder, when will it come? I’d been in deep thought, struggling to get clarity. Looking for answers to my inner-most questions.

I suspect it happens to a lot of people.

According to “The Breakout Principle”

Following the deep thinking, and struggle phase, simply letting go of thought and letting the world give back with the Release, is how many people, like you and I, combat the unknown. It is how to “Tap into Creativity”.

From: The Breakout Principle by Herbert Benson M.D. and William Proctor

I spoke about this not too long ago.

It was episode 42 “tapping into creative thought”.

I mentioned reading the book “The Breakout Principle” by Herbert Benson, M.D. and William Proctor.

In their book, they described how to become inspired, on purpose.

Being creative is an important component in becoming successful as a business owner.

There is so much to do.

As an entrepreneur, creativity is not just a nice thing to have.

It MUST be present!

And thankfully, creativity can be learned.

“The Breakout Principle”, describes how to become creative. Not that we are not already creative. The book helps us TAP into the creativity already present.

If you missed episode 42, go back and give it a listen. Click HERE!

You’ll be glad you did.

It will help you climb mountains.

Not literal mountains.


Figurative mountains.

You know, the obstacles we all face, day in and day out, as we work our way through this thing we call life.

And don't forget about all the "Forks in the Road" of life to be navigated...

As we build out the life we truly desire.

This life we [you and I] dream about can be our business, or it may just be the result of what our business provides.

These dreams – these desires – these goals are critical in motivating us [you and I] to move forward.

But how can we actually find the strength we need to accomplish these dreams - these goals – these desires we have?

Dramatic Pause

Having dreams is good.

Without dreams…

Without hope…

Without inspiration…

Nothing ever changes.

So the question is this - where is our inner strength hiding?

I’ll answer that later, I’m a bit ahead of myself.

Dramatic Pause

You and I have goals.

We want something that we do not have already.

Let’s look at it this way - receiving something we don’t already have, means something changed.


Something Changed!

There’s that word again…


We want and know we need change, but change is also something many people fear.

So how do we face those fears?

Good question!

Last week I said something important and maybe it was overlooked.

“Once you take COMPLETE control of your life, something happens to the fear you thought was so bad.”

“It turns out that the fear was just the fear of unknown strengths.”

I suffer through this, just like many of you do.

I question my abilities [my unknown strengths] and wonder how I can do the things I need to do, day in and day out?

Imposter Syndrome is what many have coined it.

The inner voice that says we’re just not good enough!

I believe that this inner voice is there to protect us from dangerous situations.

It is trying to keep us from feeling rejected, or maybe laughed at.

But, is that what we need?

Do we want to hide away and never accomplish our deeply held wants and dreams - our goals?

In doing so, we take a chance to exceed the shelf life of our dreams.

Let me say that again – “holding onto our fears” – means – we take a chance to exceed the shelf life of our dreams.


Our dreams – DO - have a shelf life.

To ignore that forces many of OUR dreams to slither away [from neglect], and hide in the inner crevices of our thoughts. Tucked away in the land of “What If”.

It’s ok to be afraid of doing things for the first time.

It’s understandable to question our abilities too.

But to do that to the point of not trying something – ANYTHING - is another thing.

There is some reason you have goals, dreams, or a voice in your head, compelling you towards this thing – this desire you want to do.

Unless it is something that IS completely outside your abilities or knowledge, in that case, you should still be able to move in a direction towards accomplishing it.

For example:

If you love the thought of becoming an artist, painting portraits, and being able to do that for a living; unless you have some training in painting, and can devote time to learn the craft, then it will be difficult to do, at first.

Not impossible, but difficult.

You will have to make choices that move you closer to accomplishing your goal [painting as an accomplished artist].

You must look at where you are presently.

What skills or lack of skills do you have?

It’s important to be clear here, so you can plan for the future.

In the example above about becoming a painter. If I wanted to do that I would need to assess my skills.

Presently, I’m a pretty good drawer. I mainly stick to using a pencil and possibly some charcoal. I’m no artist in any way whatsoever. So, to help, I purchased a couple of programs, ArtRage and Rebelle 5 pro, that will allow me to paint digitally on a virtual canvas.

This does a few things…

It will allow me to play around and learn how to apply paint in the correct ways to create an image I would like.

It allows me to do this without investing in equipment and materials.

I understand my limitations and have invested in software to train me.

SIDE NOTE: This is just an example. However, if I were to decide later, once I trained well enough, to pursue art as another business, then Nick Warren, my buddy from storiesmeanbusiness.com would be my first stop. He’s an expert at helping artists find their voice, and how best to market their talents.

The same is true of anyone that wants to do anything new.

Online marketers must likewise identify the skills they have that will be used to deliver value.

Most marketers already have experience in the training they want to deliver. So with the skills already present, they may find that what they are lacking is HOW to market their product and the way to reach out to their prospects.

Let’s concentrate on some ways to do just that next week.

Until then, my friends.

Be safe, be happy, be you!

James "being creative" Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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