Boomers Struggle Online!

This is completely understandable, the way our world has been since the "Great Depression" of late 2007-2012.

Many good people went through tough times during the depression. Though some survived it unscathed, there are many more that did not.

My Personal Experience

I am one of the unlucky unfortunates that suffered a hard loss during that time. my suffering went long past the 2012 period, because my career was as a Designer of Residential and Commercial Trusses for homes. The industry was really beaten down.

Even though the economy started to recover, the industry-wide jobs available were very small due to the small number of New Homes being built. There were just too many vacant, abandoned homes left over from the depression, therefore, new home sales were at a minimum.

This kept me in a severely low income job, that I hated, working for someone that quite frankly did not like her employees. The environment was horrible, and yet I endured it for a much longer time than I would have liked.

During this time I started learning about the internet and all that encompasses, I was flooded with information overload.

Just like many of you, I spent hour after hour searching the internet to find the "SECRET" to making money online. Spending hours staring at a computer screen, struggling to find out "How to become an effective marketer".

I was wanting to just get online, buy a product, or become an affiliate, and start making $$$ immediately. The answers had to be out there, because everything that is posted online has to be the "TRUTH" right?

I mean ... that is what the GURU's were telling me. If I would just buy this product or that product, it would drive truckloads of cash to my bank account!

But sadly, after multiple product purchases ... it became quite apparent to me that there was something wrong.

I quite for two years straight. I did nothing at all.

I figured I would be a "worker" all my life, serving another person ... depending on "THE MAN" to pay my bills.

But that frustrated me ... so I searched again and came back to marketing with the next "Great White Hope" of a product launch, that would solve all my problems.

WHEW !!!!!

Does any of this make sense?

Do you recognize any of your own struggles?  

Be honest!

I don't know about you ... but it did not take many more struggles to know that I just needed to "STOP" what I was doing.

There was just one thing that I could do to help me.

That one thing is just as important today, as it was when I started doing it.

I needed to get back to ... BASICS!

There comes a time in life when you just need to understand that "We Just Don't Know What We Don't Know".

We cannot fix a problem until it is exposed.

Learning the same things over and over will never uncover the missing pieces that are causing all your problems.

Now Let's Talk About You!

There is something YOU don't KNOW that has left your online marketing exactly where it is right now.

Maybe you've been asking yourself questions.

Questions like ...

  • Why Can't I Succeed?
  • What Am I Missing?
  • What Do I Need to Purchase That Will Transform My Failures Into Successes?
  • What Is Wrong With Me?

Be assured that these are NOT the only questions, but they were MY questions. They were the ones I desperately wanted answers to.

You most assuredly have YOUR OWN questions.

Questions you would never share with anyone else, because you've spent so much time beating yourself up, telling yourself that if you were ________ , that you could succeed.  If you had only _______ or _______ then things would have been different.

Were you able to fill in the blanks?

I did!

I don't know you. We have never met. And yet I feel like I can understand you a little bit. We are in the same age group. Hopefully we grew up with the same values. Our values that were instilled in us are very different than the ones we see in the younger generations of society.

Both you and I need to care for ourselves, our families (if you have one), and we need to make sure we can still have a retirement and a wonderful future without it requiring us to say "Welcome to Walmart." Know what mean?

You want to be successful marketing your product, service, course, training or anything else you have that can bring in life changing income, so you can live the life of your dreams.

That is the American Dream. To own a home, have a satisfying job (or business), and retire securely knowing you will be OK!

So how do you get that ... in today's world we are living in?!

Know This First

1. Marketing Online is a Job … just like any other J.O.B., you may have ever had. The only difference is that You are the Boss, and You're the Only Worker (unless you're fortunate enough to have employees). Therefore, who do you think needs to start working, if you are ever going to make money online —> HINT: YOU ARE!!!!

2. Just like any Job … when you first start out … You’re going to SUCK AT IT!!!  Sorry … but it is true.  However there is hope. Don't you ever give up on Yourself!

3. I actually do want to help you. WHY?!? Because, someone helped me … and I feel obliged to return the favor. Just like I hope you in turn will want to help another struggling online marketer succeed too! [Pay it Forward - and Get Rewarded]

SO — What Now?

I have a FORM that you can fill out that will allow you to tell me a bit about you, your struggles, your successes, and your vision for the future.  GO AHEAD AND FILL IT OUT NOW and allow me to know you. Let us connect and do our best to make you become the best marketer that you can be. It will definitely take time. Time well spent.

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