EP31: [Marketing Mindset] How to Translate Your Skills to Their Wants!

You have this superpower.

Imagine if you will…

You have learned how to give your potential customers a considerable edge, showing them how to reach their own customers, take them by the hand, and wow them with a powerful story.

You have learned that “stories, the stories you tell, mean business”.

So you have skills, and your niche has wants.

We know they do have needs, but they won't pay for their needs. They will only pay for wants.

Wants are emotion-driven, needs are not.

So, how do you match up what you can do, (what YOU ARE great at) and turn that THING into something incredible, so they can satisfy their wants?

I know this is tough.

But it's mostly tough on us. The entrepreneurs who should know better.

We're the one that doubts our own abilities.

Why is that even possible?

Simply put…

We're forgetful.

Here we are, someone that has done this one particular thing [you know what it is] for a very long time. Where once it was difficult, now it is just a quiet walk in the park.


…We fail to recognize it in ourselves because WE are NOW in a different place mentally. We, at one point in our work life, had to struggle with mastering this exact same skill too.

But WE overcame it.

WE kicked its ass.

Now that we no longer grapple with this skill, we don't think about ourselves as being an expert at it.

It just feels normal…


We have forgotten how much we had to struggle to do this one thing.

Well, we need to remember the struggle we had to overcome, revisit it, and the specific path we undertook to overcome it.

Because this is our STORY and it needs to be told.

Some people struggle to create emails that read well and convey the voice of the originator. Because of that, readers get bored and never make it through the email to the CTA [call to action].

So, those emails do not work as intended.

Eventually, their subscribers stop reading and then sooner or later unsubscribe.

They are left wondering why?

Or, maybe the problem is landing pages that do not have good copy.

They get their potential clients, subscribers, customers, students, to visit the landing page, only to lose them in the blink of an eye.

Though the intent there is to help the reader understand something important and then take action, the reality is that most landing pages have huge bounce rates.

Loss of potential…is the result.

The SKILL you possess could be anything.

WE take it for granted, but it IS something our niche needs to learn.

Two reasons:

You care…


They want to be good at this THING you have mastered.

YOU need to take this SKILL you have and make it available to others.

Show them through your example.

Whether you use a blog post to convey your knowledge or a full-blown course is completely up to you.

Let them know what you had to do to master this skill.

Take them through the steps.

Don't forget, because you're really good at it, you may feel inclined to hold back on some basic training.

They have not walked in your shoes.

They need your thought process to help them speed up their learning.

Your teaching… Your training should help them quickly become an expert at this skill as well.

How you teach and implement your specific training is up to you. You could sell a course, a mastermind, a weekend live training, a virtual online course.

You could write a book, or create a video series paid for through Patreon. The options are limitless.

No matter what format you use, you can translate the highly sought-after skill you possess, quickly and easily, earning a living and helping others bypass much of the struggle normally encountered.

Until next week…

Keep safe, keep learning, keep growing, and never stop listening every week.

Bye for now!

If you think you know of some improvements that could be made, let me know. Click on the link here.

Keep coming back for more great content next week.

Take care and be well.

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James "Keeping it Simple" Brown

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