EP54: Side-Hustle Magic

Let’s recap last week's podcast really quick.

Creating a business, that allows you to survive hard times, and have control of your finances, and future is ideal.

However, not everyone will want to start a business, especially when life just kicked their “Arse”. [I wanted to sound like a Pirate Captain - how am I doing?]

I believe the best time to safeguard your finances, is when you already feel confident. Sort of like, the best time to find a NEW and better job, is while you are still employed.

Otherwise, you’re forced to worry and be in such a hurry, that you will start looking for those “Easy Buttons”.

Know what I mean?

As the conductor of your train, getting off of one train track and onto another one ALWAYS starts with you still on a track.

Likewise, starting a side-hustle or full-time business enterprise is still best done while you are still employed.

Just remember, starting a business is not easy. It will take hard work and intense thought to make it start working for you.

Another thing.

I believe that it is very important that each family have some way of bringing in supplemental income.

That is a completely independent source of funds that could help pay bills during hard times.

It should also be immune to recessions and viruses. [Just saying!]

And in the event of a complete job loss, it should be something that could, fairly quickly, replace the family's income and supplement unemployment.

Remember - “Transformation Starts With You!”

Now we can move forward and discuss ways to begin taking control of your finances, your goals, your interests, and ultimately your life.

Please - whatever you do, don’t wait until you’re stuck to begin making changes.

Don’t wait until another depression moves in.

Don’t wait for massive layoffs.

Don’t wait to create your life.

Last week I told you that only YOU are in charge of your happiness, and your life.

Your boss does not care if you can afford to retire.

Your boss does not care if you can pay your bills.

Your boss cares less, whether you can survive on unemployment or not.

Your boss cares about his company and his needs. That’s it.

It is about time, for you, to start living in the real world.


The reality is this…

Your happiness…

Your future…

Your life…

Is YOUR responsibility. Period.

If you did not educate yourself on finance or business, then, it’s time to start doing it.

Everything is dependent on sales.

Let me say that again…

Everything is dependent on sales.


While working as an employee you were most likely shielded from the reality that unless money changes hands, no one gets paid.

While you were doing other things, someone else had the responsibility to sell something and bring in funds, so you could get paid.

However, if you start a business, the responsibility of doing the work, finding customers, delivering products, and getting paid, is on your shoulders.


For many, many people, that is more responsibility than they care to have.

When they find out that there might be some hard work involved, how quickly they do an about-face and decide to give up on their dreams and stay an employee.

Now, I’m not saying that being an employee is bad or wrong, but I am saying it just limits your income potential, and it instead builds up the wealth of others.

Sure: Some people do have high-paying JOBS. And that is great and wonderful for them. The majority of people do not. Look ... as a country [USA], we still cannot get on board that even $15 an hour is not enough money for a family to live on. So, the majority of people are in trouble. Continuing to work as an employee alone, without supplemental income will only keep most people living paycheck to paycheck.

On the other hand ... being a business owner is NOT for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to take on all the responsibilities required to be successful.

It can be learned.

It MUST be learned.

Unlike the online hype that says ANYONE can be an online business owner…

I will tell you the truth. [sometimes it will sting - sorry in advance]

Not EVERYONE can be a successful business owner.

Many - nearly all - will fail.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it is - HONESTLY - because many people are lazy. They want success to be easy. They want it to require very little work. They believe in the myth that money grows on trees.

Maybe I was a bit too honest for you all...

Not everyone is lazy ... but there are many who are. The rest of them have been led down the wrong path. To be blunt - they were fed a bunch of SH!T! I know because I was one of them ... blinded by the wonder of it all. I wanted to believe the hype. I wanted to find the secret to wealth and happiness. I wanted a simple success-driven solution. I was misguided and maybe a bit stupid too!

The truth is completely different.

Building a business is difficult. It takes hard work, and dedication to your craft to make an income-producing business, appear to be an overnight success.

This is all true.

What is also true, is the fact that doing the work is rewarding.

It is character building.

It is fulfilling.

It will define those that dare to dream - that they can do - what many others choose not to do.

Will it be difficult?


It will.

But not impossible.


That is what you need.


Certain skills must be practiced.

You will screw up, more than you succeed.

You’ll question your dream.

You’ll struggle and fail.

You’ll get back up, knock the dust off, and decide, that that was one way not to succeed. You’ll use it to motivate yourself - to iterate your way forward. [to FAIL your way forward]

You may fail more than you succeed, in the beginning, but it is OK.

You’re learning to succeed.

Success is a learned quality.

Winners never quit…

…and quitters never win.

Become a winner!

Winners think differently.

They understand that success is on the other side of failure.

Edison learned 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb. He was a winner. You know his name.

Don’t you want people to know your name too?

To know you’re a winner?

If you do, then do SOMETHING about it.

Remember, you are in control.


Not your buddy, not your spouse, not your neighbor, not Uncle Sam, and NOT your Boss!

The thing is this…

Once you decide to take COMPLETE control of your life, something happens to the fear you thought was so bad.

It turns out that the fear was just the fear of unknown strengths.

The inner strength that we all have inside of us.

The strength that gets us through hard times.

That is the strength, everyone needs.

Oddly enough, that is a learned SKILL too!

Stick with me on this subject of developing your inner strength, next week.

Until then, my friends.

Be safe, be happy, be you!

James "The Hustler" Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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