EP41: Du More Tu Day

Welcome back, friends.

Remember when your dream was just your dream?

When you could just sit back, close your eyes, and feel how good it felt to be all you could be.

You're doing it right now, aren't you?

It's OK.

Feels good, right?

Where your dream is so close to you, you can both reach out, touch it, and taste it at the same time.

What has happened to those dreams?

Do you still have them?

Do they still feel real?


Did they fade away slowly, and now they are a distant memory?

I hope not.

Oddly enough, more and more people let fear of the unknown play a HUGE role in how they live their life, operate their businesses, and even whether to start a business at all. This fear is REAL. For some it traumatizes them. For others it motivates them. Lives weigh in the balance - JL Brown

Last year and this year has been hard on a lot of people.

Maybe you became affected more than you care to admit.

If not … good!

But if you seem to have lost your vision, your drive, your motivation, let’s see what can help get it back.

We all suffer setbacks from time to time.

There is no reason to let it derail all your dreams.

Last week we talked about “dreamers dream doers do”.

There, we discussed that having dreams is good and gives us a reason to do things.

It is the DOING that really takes your dreams and transforms them into reality.

I told you that dreams are just the starting point.

Doing SOMETHING makes your dreams come to life and start taking shape.

The more you and I do, the more our dreams transform from just those ideas we had and become the driving force that creates a future we can be proud of.

Even in this COVID-19 world we live in, right now, we can still achieve great and awesome things, when we step outside our comfort zones.

If you’re still working a 9-5 job, you may feel like you can never give that up and start doing your own thing.

I understand completely.

That is why you don’t quite ANY job you currently have until you have something that will replace it. [consistently]

You need to KNOW that you can safely walk away from your J.O.B. and your life will not implode.

In my opinion, along with many others, you should be able to replace your income over a period of 3-6 months consistently.

That means EVERY month you have earned enough money to meet and hopefully exceed your current monthly income.

Not every once in a while either!

Every Single Month!

This is a minimum.

It does NOT mean that if currently, you earn at your J.O.B. $6,000 a month, and you somehow make $10,000 or even $20,000 in a month on your brand NEW business, that you can quit the day job.

It Does Not!

Will next month be as good, or worse?

It’s up to you and your family to decide what qualifies as your signal that you’re ready to work for yourself full-time.

It could be based on sales of a product.

Possibly your work is consulting or mentoring.

If so, then how many clients do you need to allow you to do it full time. How much you charge for your services will determine the number of clients needed to match current income.

If you sell a product or have a course you sell, then your income is based on how many products are sold or how many customers purchase your courses.

All this will not happen overnight.

It will take time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


A successful business takes time to grow as well.

A successful business person will allow the business to grow naturally. Forcing your business to grow, or thinking it should be doing better than it is, only creates frustration and doubt.

No One Needs That!

As you start your business, expect glitches and mistakes. Know that you will slip and fall a few times. Just keep getting up, shake off the dust, and iterate your way to success.

Just remember, serve your customers as you want to be served. Help others just like you would have wanted to be helped.

If you fail your way forward, you will eventually become all that you ever dreamed of becoming.

Will it be easy?

Hell no!

Will it be worth it?

Of course, with a resounding, YES!!

The secret is believing in yourself.

You must know that you have the SKILLS to help others.

If you can do that, nothing is holding you back, except yourself.

We ALL let our confidence wane now and then. Sometimes we forget how much we know. We forget that we know much more than we give ourselves credit for.

We sometimes forget that it took us a long time to learn how to do what we are SKILLFUL at. Others would like to not take that long, and learn that skill from someone trustworthy. They don’t want to keep looking for more knowledge when you can easily share yours with them.


We ALL struggle.

We ALL need help learning new things.

We ALL want to do better.

To overcome problems.

Overcome stress.

Overcome anxiety.

Overcome pain.

YOU can be the person to do just that.

YOU can impart YOUR knowledge.

Your time-tested procedures.

Your confidence-building recipes.

It all starts with you DOING something.


If you’re feeling down in the dumps, wishing things were moving along at a faster pace, then …


That’s it for this episode.

I’ll see you next week.

Take care and be well.

James Brown Image

James "Du-ing More" Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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