EP42: Tapping into Creative Thought

Welcome back, friends.

Good to have you!

Anyone that is in the business of serving others, is always looking for a better, faster, more efficient, process, teaching, training course, or program that will continue helping their customers.

Am I right?

But you most likely know as well as I do, that that “ain’t easy” as they say where I come from. [The "Hoosier" state of Indiana]

And keeping up with your competition and the ever-changing internet, sometimes makes you a little bit crazy.

Only you know what your customers want, so I cannot really speak to that.

But when it comes to you needing better ideas or ways of serving them, then I think we can talk.


The bulk of my material today comes from me reading the book “The Breakout Principle” by Herbert Benson, M.D. and William Proctor. (available on Amazon - non-affiliated link provided)

My mentors recommended it to me. And I'm stoked that they did. In fact, much of their creative process is accomplished using the "Struggle & Release" described in the book.

drawing from ITA by Andre Chaperon

So now I’m recommending it to you as well.

This book explains how practically anyone can quickly and easily have creative ideas almost at will.

Obviously, you will have to do something to achieve it, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Nothing is FREE, it all takes time, energy, and hard work.

But if you put in the work, you will see the results.

In fact, almost ALWAYS you already put in the work, but just didn’t know how to get the results you wanted. Right?

You did 80% of the effort, now you need to know how to extract the benefits.

This isn’t from me, this comes straight from medical research over many, many years. It’s ALL in the book.

Have you ever struggled with anything at all?

Trying to solve a puzzle or problem? Looking for a solution with seemingly none in sight.

After considerable time and effort, you give up.

You just throw your hands in the air or pound your fists on a table (or a wall).

Maybe you stomp off into another room to pout. After all, we are just grown-up kids most of the time. Right?

Later that day, or possibly the next, and sometimes in a dream, you have an idea!

Your solution just came to you out of nowhere. Out of thin air, an idea popped into your mind.

You’re excited. Even elated!

Then you wonder to yourself…

…how did that happen?

And even more so…

…can I do it again?

That’s the trick, isn’t it?

Did YOU do it?

Herbert Benson, M.D. thinks you did. He is absolutely convinced.

His book, “The Breakout Principle” outlines specifically what needs to be done to create those creative moments.

How would it feel to know, that at any time, you could be more creative, and if you wanted to solve a problem, you could?

Of course, there is never enough time to teach you how to do it, but I can outline some simple things needed to become more creative.

There are just 4 distinct stages:

The first stage of the process begins with a hard mental or physical struggle. No simply wishing you had an answer to a problem, you have to actually be proactively researching it.

The second stage involves pulling the Breakout trigger. After struggling and researching the problem, you simply - let it go.

Or simply, you release it.

That’s right, you stop struggling, go and do something else entirely. Take a walk, take a shower, watch a movie, or take a nap. The point is this, stop thinking about it. You already have done the work, let your subconscious go to work sorting out a solution for you.

The third stage in the Breakout process ushers in a peak experience. This is because of some really neat chemical processes that take place following a Breakout [they are in the book].

These peak experiences could be any one of the six following:

> The Peak of Self-Awareness
> The Peak of Creativity
> The Peak of Productivity
> The Peak of athleticism
> The Peak of Rejuvenation
> The Peak of Transcendence.

Finally, the Breakout cycle finishes with a fourth stage, which involves returning to a “new normal” state - including ongoing improved performance and mind-body patterns.

Yes, having gone through a breakout, you are now in a better place and can create more profound ideas and insights, going forward.

The difference between the previous state and the new one may not be too noticeable initially. But after a few Breakouts, you will notice that your performance tends to be well above the original pre-Breakout level.

from the Breakout Principle by Herbert Benson, M.D. and William Proctor

This “Breakout Principle” need not be overly complicated at all.

Many times you do it naturally anyway. As stated earlier, when after an intense struggle, you gave up, only later to have a solution show up out of seemingly nowhere.

That WAS you working on the “Breakout Principle”.

But to do it consistently and benefit from it time after time, will require you to trust the procedure outlined in the book.

I only have just a few minutes with you here. Not enough time to give you all the science behind it, but I can recommend it to you.

Here are the benefits:

> Your creativity is at stake. You can be consistently more creative.

> Your business future could be brighter.

> Your family life can be more enjoyable.

> Your overall outlook can take an upswing.

Most of the time we waste a lot of excessive effort for no good reason.

Why not learn how to get the most out of everything you do?

We are ALL creative people.

We just don’t take advantage of what we already have available as a tool. Our brain has so much more capacity to solve problems than we give it credit for.

Let it do its job.

You’ll be glad you did.

If you get the book and find it helps you, even a little bit, let me know.

That’s it.

I’m calling it.

This ends another podcast.

I’ll see you next week.

Take care and be well.

James Brown Image

James "Breaking Out" Brown

P.S. - In the event, you DO find that once an episode has been produced and posted, that YOU really would like more information, just let me know. Use the Podcast Questions link, click on the link here. Or you can just leave a voice message here.

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