EP22: We Need Your Help!

Good to have you back.

Now that the series on Copywriting has ended, we can concentrate on other things that are just as important.

I started this podcast 22 weeks ago, hence Episode 22.

As my intro and outro for the episodes state clearly, I want to help all the New and Not-so-new online marketers that are continuing to struggle to achieve their goals.

But the truth is this.

We’re all about “Truth” here!

I also want to help all the other people out there that are also struggling to make it to the end of the week and still have money left over and food in the cupboard.

We are living in unprecedented times.

Here we are in 2021 with a pandemic that has killed over 610,000 souls in the USA alone.

Worldwide deaths amount to 4.16 million.

Those are staggering numbers.

Frightening numbers, when we understand that of the 341 million people in the USA. Only 163 million or 49.6% are fully vaccinated.

Worse yet of the global 3.86 billion doses given. Only 1.07 billion or 13.7% are fully vaccinated.

When we think that the Delta strain of the virus is possibly 5x more lethal than the original, there is a good chance that the death toll will start rising again.

This virus is not finished with us by a long shot.

Many people are looking at losing their homes and apartments once the government lifts the stays imposed on the foreclosures and evictions already in motion.

Our American people are in trouble.

I learned in 2007 that we must help ourselves overcome the circumstances that surround us.

I almost lost everything in the depression back then. You may have heard me tell my story.

I had to liquidate my 401K to keep afloat long enough until I found a replacement job.

It almost did not work.

I received my LAST unemployment check in the mail. (Yup, they still mailed them back then)

I was told no more checks were coming my way, they were NOT extending unemployment, and the government did not offer any extra money either.

When your time ran out, you were left high and dry.

Thankfully I did find a job.

My life continued, however, it forced me to survive on a 40% pay cut.

That was then.

Now, I think we are in even worse times.

Maybe it doesn’t feel like it right now unless you’re one of the unfortunate souls that are possibly going to be losing their home.

It scares me.

In this day and age, this could happen to anyone.

Who is out there looking to protect us?

Sure those incentive checks helped some.

But seriously, how long do they think $1200 lasts anymore.

The only people who understand the struggle are the people themselves.

As one of the people, I want to help others try to protect themselves.

I know not everyone can, or would ever want to sell anything online.

Online marketing is not easy.

If it were, everyone would be doing it.

But with guidance and some effort on their part, I believe anyone can find something they can sell online or someone they can help with a skill they possess.

This is what the Mkt2online Podcast is all about.

So, that is my mission.

I hope you will join with me to help others, overcome struggles, now and in the future.

We’re not so naïve to believe this will be the last hiccup we will ever experience.

Unless we protect ourselves, and our families by having another stream of income, to replace the one lost, we will always be subject to depression, pandemics, layoffs, and worse, the death of a caregiving parent or spouse.

Join me today!


Let your friends know about this podcast.

Ask them to listen to this episode.

Ask them to subscribe, or follow.

The more people we reach NOW, the more we can help.

If we prevent even one person or family from losing their home or going hungry, then we have done our job.

We can do it!

I can do it.

So can you.

Thank you for your support.

It is going to mean the world to someone out there.

If you think you know of some improvements that could be made, let me know. Click on the link here.

Keep coming back for more great content next week.

Thanks for being here.

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James Brown

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