This Funnel Ain't Pretty

While this is not the simplest funnel out there, it definitely will take you a long way towards freedom from your day job. Once you set this up and your traffic source is optimized (If it is an ad), your email sequence is able to let your list come to know you, eventually like you, and if you are delivering killer content, your business will be unstoppable. That is so long as you continue serving your list.

Sending Traffic from ...

You start off by sending traffic to your Landing Page. This traffic can come from a variety of sources:

  • Organic Content
  • Facebook AD's
  • Facebook Posts
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • etc ...

Describing the Pain Point

On your landing page, you should describe the problem or pain point the person has. This could be in the form of a video or it could be in the form of short copy. It might also be in the form of a well crafted headline.

You will also need a few bullet points to assist in showing its value.

No matter what form that you choose it needs to be something that the customer can identify with. It must also connect to a feeling. The customer needs to feel that you understand their issue, and that you are able to solve their problem.

Offering a Solution to the Pain

In exchange for their contact information you will offer them a solution. You will be giving them something of perceived value. It could be a PDF deliverable that solves the issue you brought up or it could be a video telling how to do something the prospect deems valuable.

Once they fill out the form, they are taken to a Thank You page. There you will tell them about how your deliverable (tripwire) is being sent to their Welcome Email.

On the Thank You Page ...

Also on the Thank you page you will have a One Time Offer (O.T.O.) It NEEDS to be an offer for something of greater value to them. Instead of the PDF download describing how to do something, you are offering to deliver to them a video walking them through the process as they look over your shoulder, so to speak.

The Offer will describe the product, and make a compelling offer, showing the value far exceeds the price point. Typically prices are around $7, $17, $29. You don't want to out price them at this point. You really want them to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Countdown Timers ...

You can use a 15 or 20 minute countdown timer to create scarcity. Be sure to remind them that this is a one time offer. The reduced price will not be repeated. EVER!

So What If They Don't Purchase?

Sadly ... not all prospects will take you up on the OTO. In that case you will start nurturing them with your email sequence. You cannot pitch them with every email either.

You would not believe how many GURU's out there think every opportunity to communicate with you MUST be a pitch fest. Let this not be your way of doing things.

Your Email Sequence ...

They start receiving your email sequence. The first email of course is the Welcome Email, thanking them for subscribing. If they were supposed to receive a downloadable product, it should be attached or provided a link to the download.

You must provide the prospects with true value.

Let them get to know you. Share valuable content with them. Let them get used to reading and liking what you are sending them. Eventually they will trust you enough to accept your suggestion for a great product that you have used and would benefit them as well.

You will continue sending emails every few days ... some even say it should be every day. You do not want the prospect to forget who you are. Give them time to like you and what you have to say.

You may want to send them another offer for your OTO product. However this time you must increase its price, to stay true to your statement on the original OTO offer where you said "this price will never be repeated".

What if They Do Purchase?

If they decided to purchase they will be sent to an offsite payment processor (stripe or similar) that will accept their payment. The thank you page they are sent to immediately after purchasing has a pixel on it tracking the activity.

If you have automation set up the customer will be removed from the original email sequence and placed on a new email sequence for buyers. If you don't have automation set up you will need to remove the buyer from the prospect email sequence. There they will receive even more great content and a few offers.

There the buyer will receive even more great content and a few more offers. These New Offers will be for new products, affiliate offers, possibly great deals on products you personally use and can vouch for in your daily marketing activities.

That's It Folks ....

Well that is it in a nut shell. Of course this is the 3000 foot view of the funnel. The simplest way to describe it. From here you will need to concentrate on each part of the funnel. Each part takes time to learn and to master. No one person creates a funnel and finds it working flawlessly.

There will need to be testing done. It will take time to dial it in until it is operating optimally. At least for a while. All things change from time to time. How your traffic source works can be modified with one algorithm change.

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