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Thanks for being here.

I have found that though I personally try to work things out the best way I can, it has not always served me well. You know "Physician Heal Thyself".

How about you?

Many times we (me included) will over-estimate and under-estimate our abilities. When that happens we either try to do too much, or we quit before we ever had a chance to succeed.

Online marketing is one area where this is true.

So, I would love to talk with you to see if there is anything ... anything at all ... I can do to assist you in your online journey.

Let me tell you! I would be much further along in my career if someone - ANYONE - had offered to listen to me cry over the struggles I had gone through. Then instead of trying to sell me their next GREAT course, program, PDF, or whatever they were monetizing at that time, they just talked to me and gave me their advice. That would have been HUGE!

After years of online activity, I do understand why a LOT of marketers do not offer to do this. First of all, they may be too big, too busy, or have too many requests that just one person cannot attend to it alone. And sometimes they don't feel confident enough to do it.

I don't have any of those problems at this point in time.

So, while I can, I want to help people WHO NEED IT, overcome their struggles. You know the ones you've thought about for a long time. The ones that prevent you from fully committing. The ONES that will not let you fulfill your dreams.

This is why I offer to help people. I was ONE of those. I struggled, for YEARS. But I found someone that could and would help me.

That's my offer...

If you're OK with that, just fill out the form below.

Let me know as much or as little as you want. The form is there to let me know who you are, and a bit of info, to let me get an idea of where you are in this business of marketing online.

Even the best of us need help at times, me included. [many times my friend!]

I still purchase courses and live workshops to keep up with changes and learn new things. You will want to do that as well. This is a business, not a hobby, at least for me. I think the same for you as well, or you would not even be here.

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. The strength to know when you need help, and reach out for it, so YOU can be the best at your business.

So, fill out the form, and let's communicate. I am sure this will be good for both of us.

Talk to you later ...

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Take care and be well.

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James Brown

P.S. - In the event, you were wondering, no you will not be added to a LIST and get spammed. I'm honestly just trying to help my friends online do better. That includes you.