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As a truss designer by trade, after an architect has rendered a house plan, I'm the one that designs the roof and floor trusses (the structural components). I had done this since 1994. In 2007 the business of building houses was doing quite well at that time. It wouldn't take long though before the housing market would explode.

I was a bit gullible, thinking the market fluctuating wouldn't affect me. I did not know, what I did not know. I did not know that the housing market crashing would take away my livelihood and come close to putting me on the street.

By the time I had woken up from the dream I was in, I was sitting in my bosses office with my co-worker, as we were told to go and clear out our desks, because the company needed to let go of some expensive employee's to just try to stay afloat. As it turned out in another year the company was out of business as well. A lot of good people lost their jobs as well.

Maybe you were one that lost your job then as well.

Thankfully before any of that happened I had already started thinking about the internet as a viable way to make money part time.

Fast forward a decade after enduring a lot of ups and downs, and I end up with a desire to help others overcome the struggles that all marketers must endure. There has always been individuals ready to train others to make money online. However, more often than not, it was more of a way to take their hard earned money ... like stealing candy from a baby!

Learning what to do, and making it work is another thing. My desire is to help individuals shorten their learning curve considerably. They still must learn. How they do it though ... makes all the difference in the world.

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