Mastermind ... WHY?

I am thinking REAL hard about forming a NEW “Mastermind Group”.  

So you may be wondering “WHY?” would I want to do such a thing. For me it is just a progression of what I want to do to be a “difference” in peoples lives. I want to be able to look back on my life and my business and proudly say that what I did had an impact on at least one if not HUNDREDS of individuals lives.

Beside the fact that that would be really “COOL!”, it would satisfy one of my core needs and goals that I have in My Life. I just like helping people. Sometimes that can be good, and sometimes not so much … LOL. But I do know that there are individuals right now on the internet, that need help right now. They are all good people and deserve to be able to make a good living by marketing on the World Wide Web. But the sad truth is that for most of them there is SOMETHING that is holding them back from achieving their own personal goals and stepping into the success that they want in their lives “Right Now!”.

After many years of struggling with learning the “Secrets” I’m sure NONE of YOU ever struggled to learn even the most basic strategies of marketing online … but I surely did.

The secrets that we have all searched for were not really hidden … but instead obscured in plain sight. That is because the “secrets” are really simple principles, that are often overlooked as common knowledge.

Where most people have a problem though is in applying these simple principles.

Because they seem to be so simple and straightforward … they often are pushed aside as individuals look for the “Real Secrets”. Do you know what I mean? Whether the answer is “YES” or “NO”, we all need to be a part of a mastermind group.

Granted … some groups are better than others.

While this group has not even begun to form (except in the deep and dark crevices of my mind), I know that if we are based on a core principle of “HELPING OTHERS” achieve their successes they want in their lives … then “WE” individually will reap those same benefits ourselves.


So who will be a part of this mastermind?

That is an interesting subject. I thought long and hard about how to work this. I know that most marketers have issues with a few things. I also know that marketers do many things right.

So I thought that if I were to find out what the strengths and the weaknesses are … then individuals would be placed in sub groups based on their strengths.  In theory, after a reasonable period of time, all the sub groups would soon have a few experienced marketers.

Once that happens … the mastermind would then begin learning from the skilled marketers. This learning may come from questions posed to the group, and after research, an answer or a training post would be submitted, and then placed in the F.A.Q. page, so it can be accessed at any time.

As the groups and the members become more comfortable sharing their specific skills … it is the goal of this Mastermind, to in essence, create a perfect marketer mindset. (more on this bizarre notion later)


As you are reading this page … this is only a concept.  But, when it begins to be implemented, I will change the information here to reflect what is happening.

A Mastermind Group … once formed … will become dynamic in nature.

There will be sub groups formed to cover Marketing Niches.

There will be Groups to cover,  topics such as:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook ™
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn and on and on.
  • Article Marketing
  • PPC (Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc)

This will be just the beginning.

If you have NEVER been in a Mastermind Group, and you would think it would help you with your marketing skills … then I invite you to do two things right now:

Number 1 – Click and Subscribe so you don't miss out on any important information and training's.

Number 2 – Scroll down and fill out the form below. This will let me know that you want to be in a MASTERMIND GROUP. If I receive enough interest, I’ll respond to you and get a bit more information from you about what you are currently doing (or NOT doing), and what skills you may have that would truly benefit a mastermind group.

For those of you that are wondering what kind of skills you may or may not have!!! Never fear … you all definitely have skills. One of the purposes of a mastermind group is to help inject each person IN THE GROUP with more skills.

We all want to be the BEST marketer that we can be … and it requires skills, and knowledge. A really good mastermind group will help with both. And no one person within the group needs to have all the skills and/or knowledge.

But by being in a mastermind group you can gain all the skills and knowledge that you personally need to succeed in your own business. So if you're interested in boosting YOUR skills and marketing knowledge … fill out the form below and let me know.

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