Let's Talk About Marketing

Marketing online is the dream for many people.

No matter how long the Internet has been around, for some it is still something completely foreign. They just don't understand why it is so darn important.

Back in the day, the internet and the founders of Internet Marketing were likened to the Old Wild West, complete with 6 Guns and shoot outs at the OK Corral.

It seemed like anything went back then. Life was good.

That is ...

Until algorithms and other technologies began to come to life and exert control over the Wild West. Things that worked really well and made quite a few people millionaires overnight (seemingly so), took it all away at a click of a button.

While back then it was quite a simple thing to make a living online (a VERY good living), all of a sudden, it was not so easy anymore, and sometimes it was down right difficult to do.

Thankfully, even now with the Google's and Facebook's of the modern world, exerting their influence, many people are still making quite a GOOD living online. Paying mortgages, sending kids to college, and funding their retirement.

And yet, many more are not.

That is why were talking.

So here we are ... scratching our heads ... wondering why so many marketers are still trying to figure out how to make as much money as they can online, while doing the least amount of work possible.

If there was only a magic button they could click! That would be great, right?

I'm pretty sure I am not the only person to fall for the lies that have been, and continue to be spread by SOME guru's who have marketed the mysterious "Magic Button" for decades. Promising that all YOUR dreams would come true, so long as you purchased their holy grail of a product.

And after purchasing it, somehow it would magically deliver all your dreams to you on a silver platter.

But my friend, the internet is not a living breathing person. It does not, all by itself, deliver anything to would be marketers. Even the really good ones.

What the internet does do ...

... it gives you the opportunity to realize ALL your dreams.

The internet provides you with the real estate you need to be seen by others online. No different than the brick and mortar shops all around us. They are there so you and I can have a place to go to, to purchase products, services, or training.

These shops are in the business of exchanging their product, service and/or training for something equally tangible.

It is the same online.

The problem most people have when they start their "online business" is they forget that it is a business.

Businesses usually require hard work to grow them from nothing to something profitable.

As an online entrepreneur, your JOB is to grow your dream business from an idea to a business that is profitable too. Profitability, means there is money left over AFTER paying for whatever is needed to keep it existing online.

For a brick and mortar store, that would be at least, rent, electricity, utilities, internet access, a merchant account, furniture, office supplies, payroll for employees, raw materials for your product, insurance, taxes and more.

The list just keeps on going doesn't it?

However for an online business, most of those expenses are eliminated. Not all though. It is still a business, and it must be treated as such. You still need a website, a domain, and an email platform, at the bare minimum.

With just those (3) things you can be in business.

Will you need more eventually?

Yes! Of course.

But with those (3) things, a website, a domain, and an email platform you can begin to realize your dream.

You will need to learn how to build a website.

You will need to learn how to not only write emails, but write emails that speak to the heart of the person reading it. For it is through the written word that the internet was built.

It will also be through your way of communication ... how you speak to people ... how you attract them to you and your product, service or training that will make all the difference in determining how successful you will be.

Yes, siree ...

The internet 25 years ago, and the internet today, is still delivering on its promise to make our dreams come true.







Businesses do not make themselves successful.

People make businesses successful.

It takes hard work to CREATE a successful business.

It takes HARD WORK to CREATE a successful ONLINE business too.

Make no mistake my friend.

Starting on the path of building an online business, has taken many on a 5, 10, 15, 20 year journey that has provided them with nothing but heartache and misery.

That is the honest TRUTH!

Do not let anyone tell you that building an online business is easy.

Run from them!

They are lying to you.

You can make a wonderful life for yourself online, once you have learned how to run your business. It is no more difficult than that. Learn the skills you need to be successful, and you will be successful, if you apply those skills, and keep getting back up every time you fail.

For you will fail more than you succeed. Guaranteed!

But it is through your failures, that your business will be built, one internet brick at a time. So start building!


I know it seems like this is going to be hard work, huh?

It is!

I'm definitely NOT trying to discourage you.

On the contrary.

I'm speaking the TRUTH, so that only those with discerning hearts will recognize that they too can be successful as an online internet marketing entrepreneur.

It is the best hard work you will ever do, if your dreams are to make a difference in peoples lives. In making a difference, you are to be compensated in direct proportion to the good you deliver.

Isn't that how it should be though?

If you are interested in finding out what you need to do to start doing good online, and build a successful online business, then fill out the form below.