So, You're Just Getting Started!


Congratulations on taking that first step.

You are beginning a "JOURNEY" of a lifetime.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to begin learning how to Market Online like a PRO in a short period of time.

Sure you could learn the old fashioned way.

You know ...

You ask Google how to ... [insert the problem]

Been there and definitely done "THAT"!

Google is great for finding a Plumber, Electrician, or a Gift, but answers to internet marketing questions?

It is like sitting in front of Morpheus ...

Take the Blue Pill and you wake up believing everything Google and the Gurus want you to believe.

In life, most of us take the blue pill. Day after day, we choose the illusion of certainty rather than the messy reality of uncertainty. As a result, facts become dispensable, and misinformation and pseudoscience thrive.


You can take the Red Pill and you go down the rabbit hole to find the "Truth"

Taking the red pill requires an admission of ignorance and a good dose of humility. When we utter those three dreaded words—I don’t know—our ego deflates, our mind opens, and our ears perk up. Admitting ignorance doesn’t mean remaining willfully oblivious to facts. Rather, it requires a conscious type of ignorance where you become fully aware of what you don’t know in order to learn and grow.

Everyone agrees that the best way to learn, is to follow someone that has ALREADY gone through the struggle, pain and suffering that online business can throw at you.

Sure, you can experience the pain on your own ...


You could just choose a different path.

You can take the "RED PILL" and join us.

I am starting a COHORT of people that are new to online marketing.

It is designed to take this "First Cohort", you included [I hope] from zero knowledge to making your first online sale.

Marketing online can be a difficult pill to swallow if taken all at once.

Instead, we take you through the stages that are needed for getting started and then we build upon them as your knowledge grows and your journey online progresses towards your goal.

So, what do you say?

You can find out more about it by filling out the form below.

I will reach out to you. If you are OK with a phone call, then add you number as well.

This is definitely NOT the usual way training goes. Usually, you would have to pay for a course. However, I'm motivated to help others succeed online. Therefore, I am not making this a paid course. Instead, I am hoping that you and everyone else that takes part will agree to participate in the course.

In this COHORT, we will be building the training from the ground up.

Your FREE access is your reward for the help you will provide.

Of course, the knowledge that you will receive is what you REALLY want and NEED to become successful.

Once this training is finalized and ready to be stamped "DONE" it will be used to train groups. It will also most likely become part of paid training.

Until then, I am going to be helping individuals, such as yourself, individually. This way I will be able to develop the training for different online applications.

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply take the "Red Pill", fill out the form below, and click to submit.

I am looking forward to working with you.

James "a late starter" Brown

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