We ALL have dreams.

Having a career, a family, a comfortable retirement. But the dreams we have sometimes get left undone, to such an extent that we can even "Exceed the Shelf-Life of Our Dreams".

Do you have a dream of working for yourself?

If you do…

Explore it!

Embrace it!

Never let it go!

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your future self, to do everything you can to make YOUR "DREAM" survive, and not become a regret.

Since we are talking about our dreams [yours and mine], how do we know whether this DREAM, the one you & I have, is THE dream?

You know, the one we should pursue at all costs!

Let’s keep this as simple as we can, ok?

Is this dream of yours something you think about a lot?

Once a week?
Once a day?
Every hour?

Do you study other things in pursuit of this dream?

Is this dream of yours written down?

Do you keep files or documents just to explore and embrace this dream even further?

If someone were to ask you what your goals in life were, would this dream be at the top of the list?

How much of your FREE time is devoted to this dream of yours?

I think you're understanding that if you are devoting more of your free time exclusively to this dream, then it MUST be important enough for you to pursue.

I mean, if you don’t, then it may end up being on your regret list as this thing you should have pursued. Right?

Another Dream that Expired

Don’t we all wish we had less of those things?

Let's not be another "Ordinary Joe" character, just looking at our future through rose-colored glasses.

So, what next?

If your dream is important enough to pursue, when and how do you go about doing it?

I mean, you’ve already admitted to spending a lot of time thinking about it. [you're still here!]

Do you have more free time to devote?


But if not, how do you transform the time you do have into time we’ll spent?

Without having to burn the candle at both ends.

That is what the next section will explore.


There is something to be said about anyone that "DOES" what they say they are going to do. Make your "YES" be yes, and your "NO" no.

In other words, be truthful to yourself, and do the work.

Building a "BUSINESS" online takes hard work. Some businesses are easier than others, but in the beginning, you know, where you are right now, it is a struggle to make everything work the way you want, right out of the gate.

It is not impossible.

But, it is serious work, requiring a serious level of commitment.

Even houses are built, one stone and one 2x4 at a time. Businesses are built, one layer at a time too.

So, let’s start the process of building a SUCCESSFUL business.

We’re not going to actually build one, right here, and right now, but we will talk about the things that should be done to get one started in the right direction.

Building a business is a HUGE undertaking, one that needs to be done properly.

And as you can expect, there are a lot of businesses in the world.

For our discussion, we are talking about online businesses than can be created and put in place quickly.


This is the dream, right?

Building upon your vision, and seeing it come to fruition. Taking your hard work and effort to a natural conclusion.

That's exactly what we ALL want.

And for some of you - you have already done all the hard work - and have become successful - you will shuffle off to your idea of paradise - and it will end there, knowing you have achieved your goal.

Others of you, and you know who you are, this is just the beginning.

You're standing upon what seems like a mountain that was too tall to climb, and you're ready to climb the next one too. There are ALWAYS more mountains to climb.

How far will you go?

How successful will you become?

Will you REALLY make all your DREAMS come True?

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You must admit - WE are living in Unique times. Some may even say, they are "Times, Hard to Deal With". If you do it ALONE!

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Let’s chat about your adventure!

I’ll talk to you then.

James "Dreaming-Building-Living" Brown