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What will you be learning in Part 2

  • How you can break down your planning process for your overall list building marketing plan
  • You'll get great ideas about how to think differently about how you will build your list

4 Important Questions

In order for you to have an effective plan, there are no less than 4 questions to answer.

  • What do you want out of your list? [Your Goals]
  • What is the Audience you are going to serve? [Audience]
  • What does your ideal audience really want? [Benefits]
  • How are you going to deliver the information to get your audience to achieve those goals? [Curriculum]

What are Your Business Goals?

So what is in it for you? Obviously you want to achieve something yourself, Right? Otherwise it won't be worth your time and effort.

What are Your Income Goals?

Most of the time people always say they want to sell their primary product. But even deeper than that, what is the kind of income you want to achieve in the next 90 days and then in the next year from the product you are going to sell?

If you already have a price point in mind, doing the math you should easily be able to determine how many products or services you will need to sell in the given time frame, in order for you to hit your goal.

What are Your Time Goals?

Next are your time goals. How much time are you currently spending on your business and how much free time would you like to have? Having a properly functioning email sequence, should free up more time so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

What Other Goals Do You Have?

There are other tangible goals you may want to think about also.

  • Are you trying to boost your credibility?
  • Are you trying to become more visible to your audience?
  • Are you trying to become better known through Public Relations?
  • Or is one of your goals to get affiliates to help you grow your business?

Whatever your goals are, make sure you can answer the questions mentioned before you move forward with your plan.

Your Audience ... Who Are They?

Who is your ideal customer?

You can also check out my blog post on "How to use a Customer Avatar to Attract Customers"

Before you start to throw out there all kinds of details about who you think you ideal customer is, I want you to answer the question with a different view point.

Who Do You Want to Play With?

Ask yourself, who do you want to play with? Ideally if you are working with a customer base that gets you excited and you really enjoy working with them, it is going to push you further into productivity much faster.

Yes other people will show up as well, but the more passionate you can be about a singular group that you want to help out, the more energized that group is going to be.

So what we want to do is this. We want to look at the demographics and the psychographics of this group.

Getting Laser Targeted!

You need to be very clear about this. The more targeted you get, and the more laser focused you become when you visualize your targeted audience (Your Avatar), the better you can serve him or her.


You need to know as much as you can about your avatar.

  • Their Age
  • Their Gender
  • Family Background
  • What is his or her religion?
  • How much money does he or she make? Is it steady income?
  • What is their job? Are they currently working?
  • Are they happy, sad or indifferent?
  • Does he or she have children? How many? Boys or Girls?
  • Is he or she married or single?
  • Have the been divorced or never married?

The more targeted you are, the better your writing is going to be. Your email sequences will speak to them, and your promotional content will draw on their inner feelings, as you dial in on their emotions and therefore you can tap into what they are needing. It will be as if you are reading their minds.


This is all about the behaviors your audience members have.

  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they buy?
  • What do they complain about?
  • What are some of the words that they use to express the challenges that they have?

In your email marketing, you will use the exact same language. The same story lines. The same frustrations that you already know so well, to portray your solution that you have to those issues.

Benefits and Results

With those psychographics and demographics in mind you can now start to think about what are the benefits and results you ideal audience really wants to have.

If you think about it this way. Your GOALS were all about "What's in it for you". Then you determined who you were going to serve. Now you want to think about "What's in it for them".

How Do You Transform Them?

So what is that transformation that they are going to want to have? And how can you take them ... from where they are now ... to where they want to go?

That is what you are going to be able to offer them with your products and services. And your email marketing campaign is going to support that.

Keep Digging Deeper ...

So when you start thinking about that "Big Benefit" you have with your products and services as well as the secondary benefit. Don't just stick to a superficial level. Keep digging deeper and deeper, asking your self the so what question. "What's important about that?"

If your a fitness trainer and you know you can help your client/customer lose 20 pounds in 4 months ... "What's important to them about that?"

They are going to feel happier! "What's important about that?"

They are going to have an opportunity to work with their kids, and play with them with improved stamina. "What's important about that?"

So keep digging deeper into the benefits. Keep asking the "So what questions", until you can get to the golden nugget ... the major factor of what the people are really buying when they purchase your primary product.

What is Your Curriculum?

With all those results in mind you can now decide what your curriculum should be. The curriculum should be those things you are going to deliver in order for you to help your ideal audience members achieve those benefits and results.

Your curriculum will be your primary product or service you want to sell. Your curriculum will support your pathway for your customer to get the rest of the story. You will take out one of your best parts of your primary product and turn it into a Lead Magnet.

What is Your Lead Magnet?

That lead magnet can be a:

  • Webinar
  • Free Report
  • Audio training/program
  • Video training/program
  • consult session

The In-Between ...

Between your lead magnet and your primary product is your autoresponder. This will consist of a handful of messages. This will be anywhere from 5-7 messages if they have not purchased. And if they do purchase, you will have another set of 5-7 messages delivered to them as well as a customer.

You will also have broadcast messages that serve a different role in your curriculum. Broadcasts are those messages that go out "Now". Whenever something important is going on, or you have an announcement to make, these are delivered as a broadcast email.

So before moving on in this series of lessons on List Building, go back over the questions and make sure you clearly have an idea how to answer them.

This is the end of Part 2 of the Email List Building Series. Make sure you keep coming back for the future Parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and finally Part 9.

Ready for Part 3? Click here!

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