What will you be learning?

  • We'll give you ideas for how to better serve your audience through your email marketing
  • Show you how to create a semi-automated marketing system to turn more of your leads into customers
  • We'll provide you with a marketing plan for email list building
  • And we'll lay out the steps to implement your plan

Who is This For?

  • Established Businesses with no email marketing plan in action
  • Brand new businesses/marketers wanting to grow faster from the start
  • experienced business owners/marketers who want a refresher on the basics of email list building

What is Email List Building?

  • Leveraged communication with a growing group of subscribers to increase sales
  • Optimizing your content and marketing efforts towards gaining new subscribers
  • Nurturing subscribers into repeat customers

We are going to take Visitors and turn them into Subscribers and then take them down a path towards becoming Buyers/Customers.

It Starts with Visitors ...

Lets start with visitors. They are going to be coming to your Blog Posts and seeing its great content and hopefully opting in to receive your FREE gift, and visit some kind of a Thank You Page, where they will become a subscriber.

Other visitors will find you via a Landing Page you have created where you will give away a report, a guide, or a Webinar registration. Once these visitors opt in and visit your Thank You Page, they will also become a Subscriber.

Your Follow Up Messages

This is where you Email List Marketing will take over. They will start receiving follow up messages from you directing them to more specific content or to offers you may have.

Over a series of a couple of days or weeks, you will continue to communicate with these new subscribers, in the hopes and in the targeted focus of turning them into customers by offering them something amazing that turns them into a buyer.

Email list building is not the only type of marketing you should be doing. You should also be doing:

  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Media

Email List Building should be your #1 Priority!

  • All roads should lead to your list!
  • All other marketing tactics can disappear in a flash
  • Your List - and the relationship you build with your subscribers - is your largest marketing asset

How long should you follow up?

While many New marketers and even many long time marketers only have a few emails in their sequences, it is interesting to note that the majority of subscribers do not convert to buyers until 1 month, 3 months, and even as long as 6 months or more.

Why So Many Emails?

Keeping it simple ... which is what I like to do ... it all boils down to whether your emails have allowed the subscriber to come to know you ... to like you ... and then to trust you. Until your subscriber really gets to know-like-trust you you are just wasting time making offers. Sure some subscribers will just buy anything. However the majority need more time. And each one has a different reason for believing you and your content.

When I was in sales ... it was pounded into our brains that it takes no less than 7 touch points before a prospect will even consider becoming a customer. That explains why so many Big Companies out there will keep purchasing so much advertising time on TV or Radio. They understand the game.

Now you need to understand it too!

How Many Customers are You Losing?

You need to ask yourself. How many new customers are you losing because you are not following up with them enough?

That's All Folks ...

This is the end of Part 1 of the Email List Building Series. Make sure you keep coming back for the future Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and finally Part 9.

Ready for Part 2? Click here!

See you soon!

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