Beginner Marketer

Below you will find the Modules that will be included in this training series.
As this training is being developed through the cooperation & feedback with the members, some of the sections will still be under development and being updated.

The BASICS of Marketing

This training will get you up to speed on the VERY basics of marketing online. The core training will be in the other modules. The Basics will help you understand what you need to know so you are ready to start living your dream and creating your life as you see it.

Copywriting 101

It has ALWAYS been the written word that has influenced millions of people for as long as people have advertised anything. The greats of advertising were able to magically weave their thoughts and ideas so effectively because they understood what motivates people.

Define Your Audience

The goal of this training is to help you define a minimum viable audience (MVA) that you will seek to serve, and then to identify 1-3 problems (or desires) you can charge money for to help that audience solve (or fulfill).

Validating Your Audience

During this phase of training, you are going to reach out to your audience and present your ideas for solutions to their problems or desires, so you can assess their reactions and gauge their level of interest.

Build Your Infrastructure

In this training, you will use all the information you gathered from the Validating phase to build your funnel. If you are doing this for the first time, you won't need a website at all. We will be keeping it super simple.

Define Upper Performance Limits

Now you are going to be tweaking your funnel to optimize and scale it. Initially it will be small changes made. Simplicity creates velocity. We will identify the most impactful action we can take and do that quickly, deliberately, and effectively.

The Magical Email

Everyone knows that email is crucial is building a sustainable business. What most marketers don't know; is how to effectively use email to create a tribe of loyal customers willing to read everything you write, purchase all your products, and advertise for you.

Developing Influence

Through your copywriting, and your emails, you will be developing influence. Not evil influence, making people go against their will. Instead your influence will pull people towards you, because they fell as if they understand you, and they have come to know, like and trust you.
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