A few days ago I received an email from André Chaperon.

André is a world renowned Master at all things email. 10+ years ago he created AutoResponder Madness. Once it caught on he released V2. Now André is working on V4.

In his email André had said he was going to release the V2 of AutoResponder Madness (ARM) for FREE!

Below is the email I received, and inside it is the LINK to get your own ARM2 course for FREE!

Happy Friday!

If you send email, what I have to say here will be (very) important to the work you do. Read this entire email because I'm going to give you a secret.

Almost a decade ago, on July 23, 2010, I released ARM2 (AutoResponder Madness v2).

In the following three years, around 5,000 peeps purchased ARM2, including heavy hitters like Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Perry Belcher, and Ryan Deiss.

Ryan and Perry even retooled Digital Marketer's entire email system after going through ARM2 back in 2010.

From an outsiders perspective, here's the weird thing:

95% of that course is still completely RELEVANT today.

Weird, right?


But not to the over 10,000 peeps who have been through any of the releases of ARM since 2009.

ARM2 teaches a holistic macro-strategy, based on principles, not hacks and loopholes.

Meaning: because ARM2 is not a tactics-focused course, what I teach in it is evergreen. There is no expiration date.

What you'll learn in ARM2, you can apply today and you'll see amazing results. No question.


As promised (in the past few emails I've sent), I'm re-releasing ARM2, and have made it completely free to enroll. ?

... from today.


I explain why in more depth in the new intro to the course, but I'll say this (cos being 100% transparent is important to me):

The latest 4th Edition of ARM is a few months from release, so I thought re-releasing ARM2 (for free) would make for an ideal win-win scenario.

Selfishly: I want to get ARM in the hands of as many email marketers as possible because I know firsthand the meaningful contribution it has made (and consequently, to the people they serve).

Having a free version of a course that used to be paid, and a paid version (the upcoming 4th Edition) for those peeps who are serious about their email efforts, will tick all the boxes methinks.

So no excuse for someone not being able to benefit from this training.

As I said, win-win.

So, without further fanfare, if you want free access to ARM2, click the handy-dandy link below:

Click here to enroll in ARM2...

NOTE: ARM2 is delivered as email lesson over four weeks (Monday through Friday each week), the exact same delivery mechanism as before.

That's it.

Nothing to buy.

Enjoy your weekend!

André "back to working on ARM4" Chaperon

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